This story is over 5 years old.

Vinyl Sales Are Outperforming Streaming Services

Even as streaming revenue hits 1 billion, vinyl proves its still a competitor

Don't let those fast-slimming major label fat cats tell you otherwise, the state of the music-listening industry is strong. Statistics released by the Recording Industry Association of America reveal that the streaming industry is now worth more than $1 billion dollars a year and is gaining on a slowing downloads market.

Concurrently and perhaps surprisingly, vinyl sales have risen 52% since last reported by the RIAA, in turn surpassing the revenue of ad-supported streaming programs like YouTube, Vevo, and Spotify Free. Check the RIAA-released statistics below:

Elsewhere in the report, track sales outshone album sales, paid subscriptions have leveled out, and vinyl accounts for 30% of all physical shipments. Aren't facts fun?

You can read the entire RIAA 2015 mid-year report here.