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Download: Dengue Dengue Dengue! - Lokumba

A loc-ed out tropical flex from a pair of Peruvian new cumbia tigers.

Portugal's Enchufada label—run by João Barbosa from Buraka Som Sistema (better known as Branko) and his friend  (also named João)—are giving away a ton of free music from the rising stars of tropical bass. This bi-weekly drop is called Upper Cuts. It's time for Season 2 and we're proud to partner with the dudes in releasing these big bad riddims into the world. Shake something!

Dengue Dengue Dengue! is a feverish new-school cumbia project, taking inspiration from the psychedelic Peruvian scene of the 1970s and twisting that into a modern-day tropical electronic tour de force. You can hear that on their La Alianza Profana debut album and feel it in their visually bananas live show. On "Lokumba," the apply the loping cumbia approach to a more bassy hip-hop style beat that still comes out sounding as enigmatic, tropical and, well, tribal as their more esoteric cuts. Also, make sure to watch this rad video that Noisey did on these colorful masked madmen.