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MUNCHIES: The Podcast: Is the Term 'Ethnic Food' Racist?

On the latest episode of ‘MUNCHIES: The Podcast’ we talk to Andrew Ti, host of “Yo, Is This Racist?” to discuss the issues that the culinary world faces when writing and reinterpreting food from other cultures.

From juicy soup dumplings in the San Gabriel Valley to crispy Mexican tlayudas tucked into the geography of Koreatown, Los Angeles is a sprawling patchwork of culinary diversity.

And yet in a city where the term "ethnic food" is thrown around often to describe these establishments, is this problematic? On the latest episode of MUNCHIES: The Podcast, I talk to a local and expert on the subject: comedian and host of the popular podcast, Yo, Is This Racist? Andrew Ti about the contemporary LA food scene, how to be mindful eaters, and why the cookbook Thug Kitchen continues to create controversy.

So tune into the podcast, subscribe on iTunes if you can dig it, and tell your friends to do the same. And check back in two weeks for the next episode, because we're talking toNiki Nakayama, chef and owner of N/Naka, to learn about the art of Japanese kaiseki cuisine.