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Ravens Make Their 48-Yard Hail Mary Look Like a Backyard Game of Three Flies (Flags) Up

Throw up a prayer.

I dunno—what else are you supposed to do with four seconds left in the half, at 3rd-and-10? Probably play some backyard ball, run three receivers up the left flank, and hope one of them can out-grab their coverage. Well, the Ravens certainly cooked up that very dish against the Chiefs today, and to delicious effect.

Some call it Three Flies Up (West Coast), some people call it Three Flags Up (East Coast), but either way, you just jam a whole bunch of hungry hands into one spot, and winner takes all. Let's take a closer look at Kamar Aitken's grab:

Shaking three red and white shirts—not bad. They only need a couple more of those to catch up. For all you West Coasters repping Three Flags Up, there's only one thing to say now: