Soccer Player Turned Wrestler Named 'Cum Dog' Stars in Most Scottish Video Ever

Madonna is prominently involved, too.
April 18, 2017, 6:01pm

And now for something completely Scottish.

The following takes place at the training center of Hibernian FC, a soccer club playing in Scotland's second division. The club was being paid a visit by Grado, a Scottish professional wrestler who happens to have the greatest entrance in the history of the medium.

And you should watch this before we go any further, both because it's germane to what happens next and also because I defy you to not enjoy a building full of crazed Scots serenading a man wearing spandex and a fanny pack with Madonna's "Like a Prayer."

So, back to the present day. Grado's paying a visit, eating soup, minding his own business when Hibernian striker Jason Cummings takes exception to the proceedings. Cue "Like a Prayer" and the arrival of Cummings' alter ego…Cum Dog.

Yup. Cum Dog.


Oi @gradowrestling it's Yersel Cumdog!! Think you can eat lunch in my training centre think again brother #Cumdog
— Jason Cummings (@Jasoncummings35) April 18, 2017

Mick Foley probably has grounds for a lawsuit over gimmick infringement with the sock maneuver, but kudos on a surprisingly decent piledriver. Anyways, Cum Dog won the battle but according to Grado, the war has only just begun.

@Jasoncummings35 this is far from over cum dog.. attack a man whilst he's at his soup
— GRADO (@gradowrestling) April 18, 2017

[h/t Deadspin]

For more on Grado, check this 2012 video about his quest for immortality: