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Kennesaw State Player's Rejected Windmill Dunk Turns into Slick Three-Pointer

Not really replicable in a game, but definitely the slickest way to fail you'll ever see.
October 21, 2016, 2:19pm

.@KSUOWLSMBB PF/C @Jordanjones2323 with a @espn Top 10 play. @ESPNStatsInfo
— Stephen Cox (@CoachSCox) October 20, 2016

You know the old saying about a bird in hand being worth more than two in the bush? Well, in this case, Kennesaw State forward Jordan Jones flipped the bird adage, as he lost his one in the hand, and instead nabbed all three in the bush. OK, that sounded weird, but you'll see what I mean when you check this clip out.

Jones was chilling in a practice gym when he went up for a windmill dunk, and had his buddy on hand to film it. Good thing, because all of a sudden, his dunk slaps back at him at the perfect angle to nab a three-pointer on an adjacent bucket. Not really replicable in a game, but definitely one of the slickest fails you'll ever see.