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Russell Wilson's Love Tweet to Ciara Strikingly Resembles a Book on Descriptive Writing for Students

Russell Wilson with the kind of plagiarism that would send you to the principal's office.

PM #WCW I kissed her & she had honey sweet lips that were lilac soft w/ a loving & affectionate personality @Ciara
— Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson) January 28, 2016

Damn, Russel Wilson. Your poetry. For Ciara. It's so. Kind, affectionate, honey sweet. It's just. Hard to describe.

That is, unless you've got the first edition of Liam O' Flynn's Writing with Stardust: The Ultimate Descriptive Guide for students, parents, teachers and writers, of English designed for age levels 10-18. Because I'm not saying that he did do it, but it certainly appears like he lifted this breath of pure poetry from its pages.


Just take a look at a screenshot from a quick Google search of "Describing a Beautiful Woman":

Catch any similarities? It seems like Wilson just did a quick search, tagged it down, and has come back to the same playbook over and over again, because:

dangerusswilsonAM #WCW … Her hair plunged over her shoulders & it was midnight black… @Ciara

And, now, what appears to be a PDF version of the book:

Really, Russell? You went back to the same well? Nothing new? No Nabokov, no Oscar Wilde, no Toni Morrison? (We certainly know there won't be any dirty Joyce material in there for Prudey McPruderson.)

But, alas, there are plenty of other gems for Wilson to pull from:

Now, I used to be a kindergarten through fifth grade english teacher, and if there's anything you need to look out for in the age of internet-literate students, it's plagiarism. Wilson's committed enough to at least take him to the principal's office. Just look out for a tweet about her having varnished fingernails and velvety, sea nymph ears.

[Major h/t to Natalie Weiner]