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Draymond Green Strikes Plea Deal for Assault Charge: $560 Fine and No Jail Time

"We simply treated Mr. Green no differently than any other defendant that we prosecute."​
Draymond with that innocent look. Photo by Cary Edmondson—USA TODAY Sports

Draymond Green got off fairly easy from his recent assault charges today after reaching a plea deal that ended in a $560 fine and no jail time, according to TMZ. Green would have faced more than 90 days in jail if convicted, but now will have his charge reduced to a civil infraction—as opposed to a misdemeanor—if he complies with the fine and stays out of trouble for a year.

On July 10th, Green was arrested after an alleged altercation at an East Lansing bar with Michigan State defensive back Jermaine Edmonson. Edmonson claimed that Green punched him, though the police report describes it as an open-handed slap. The incident occurred the night after Green and Edmonson ran into each other at another East Lansing bar, where Edmonson claimed that Green's entourage choked him and his girlfriend after Edmonson called Green out for bumping into him and not excusing himself. Green is an alumni of Michigan State.

TMZ spoke with Assistant City Attorney David Meyers, who claims that Green received no preferential treatment in his plea agreement:

"The plea agreement reached with Mr. Green is in accordance with our normal plea bargain procedures and guidelines for a case with similar circumstances, evidence and witness statements. We simply treated Mr. Green no differently than any other defendant that we prosecute."