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"QUE PASO?" Neymar Trolls PSG After Historic Comeback

After a dramatic 6-5 win over PSG in Champions League action, Neymar trolled PSG's Adrien Rabiot on Instagram.

Don't mess with Neymar. That guy has the social media memory of an elephant. Don't believe it? Check PSG's Adrien Rabiot.

You might have heard by now that Barcelona pulled off the impossible comeback against Paris Saint-Germain Wednesday. Beat them 6-5 on aggregate after PSG had a 4-0 lead after the first leg. Rabiot got cocky after that win. Instagrammed a photo of himself and Layvin Kurzawa celebrating. He's holding up four fingers and Kurzawa has the peace sign up like, Bye, Barca.


Nope. Neymar won't let that aggression stand. He went on an Instagram rampage after Wednesday's win, laughing—in all caps—at the hapless PSGers, and then asking—in all caps, again—"What happened?" Three goals in seven minutes happened.

Then, check this photo from the victorious Barca locker room. How many fingers are they holding up?

That would be six fingers, one for each goal needed to beat PSG. For good measure, here's the translated caption: "You respect our history, understand?"

Then Neymar went off on Instagram stories. Check this screen grab. Oh, that's right, looks like Kurzawa and Rabiot were holding up six fingers after all.

Neymar you legend!
— Football Stuff (@FootbalIStuff) March 8, 2017