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Kerry Wood Reminds Twitter that Umpire Joe West Sucks

During Monday night's epic Cubs–Cardinals matchup, Joe West managed to needlessly remind everyone he was umpiring a baseball game, so Kerry Wood reminded everyone that West is the worst.
The majestic pelican uses a huge gular pouch to catch fish, also tosses Cubs manager Joe Maddon in ninth inning of Monday night's game against the St. Louis Cardinals. Photo by Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

There are few things in the sports world more obnoxious than an umpire who craves the spotlight, which is why Joe West has long been among the most, if not the most despised ump in MLB. The longtime umpire cum country singer is known for seeking out confrontation on the diamond, and showing off his quick hook to those who would dare question his authority. In short, he sucks.

Cowboy Joe managed to thrust himself into the middle of an epic Cubs–Cardinals clash on Monday night after Chicago right-hander Kyle Hendricks lost a no-hitter in the ninth inning on a solo homer. As closer Aroldis Chapman warmed up in the bullpen, Cubs infielders went to the mound to talk with Hendricks, only for West to send them packing. Manager Joe Maddon protested and was quickly tossed from the game.


Enter Kerry Wood, retired Chicago Cubs legend, Texas fire-baller, and dropper of barrel-fire truths. After the ejection, Wood collected just about every anti-West tweet he could find onto his Twitter feed:

Then he got raw on West.

I just don't want him in the post season. Enough of the #JoeShow
— Kerry Wood (@KerryWood) September 13, 2016

Another fan tried to bring up another loathed ump, C.B. Bucknor. Wood would have none of it:

@HipsterMcNoob At least CB is a great guy.
— Kerry Wood (@KerryWood) September 13, 2016

So Bucknor is a crappy ump, whereas West is a crappy ump and a crappy human being.

Finally, Wood had had enough:

Ok I'm done. We all know he sucks. Good night.
— Kerry Wood (@KerryWood) September 13, 2016

If Joe West does end up working a Cubs game in October, here's hoping they invite Kerry Wood to throw out the first pitch.