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America Is Currently in the Midst of a Massive Nitrous Oxide Shortage

Which means a lack of canned whipped cream and legal highs this holiday season.

Depending on who you are and where your particular interests lie, nitrous oxide may stir up thoughts of dessert, or Vin Diesel, or that whomp-whomp-whomp sound and freezer burns on your fingers from a broken whippits cracker.

Wherever your mind takes you, here's what you need to know: America is currently plagued by a massive nitrous shortage, and that means a lack of whipped cream and legal (though not particularly safe) highs this holiday season.


The Boston Globe reports that an explosion at a nitrous oxide factory in Florida last summer is to blame for the nationwide shortage. According to Conagra Foods—makers of Reddi-wip—the missing nitrous has been a major blow to canned whipped cream manufacturers.

A Conagra spokeswoman said in a statement that people should "stock up early" if they want their pecan pies topped with whipped cream this December, but that they expect everything to be back to normal by 2017.

"We should have our full supply up and running by February," Conagra's Lanie Friedman said.

If you're really in need of whipped cream for the holidays, you can always whip up your own, but the canisters you pick up at the porn store are probably going to be in short supply for the time being. Maybe not a great time to get all that dental work done, either. Happy 2016.

Photo via Flickr user Evil Erin