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Chance the Rapper Was Perfect on SNL Last Night

He played “Same Drugs” with Francis and the Lights and “Finish Line/Drown” with Noname.

For the second year running, Saturday Night Live turned to Chance the Rapper for their holiday cheer and, once again, Chance delivered. As last night's musical guest at 30 Rock, Chance played "Finish Line/Drown," barely able to contain himself, grinning like a madman, and inviting Noname to perform her flawless verse before playing the preacher and leading the choir through the outro.

His best performance, though, was the version "Same Drugs" he played alongside Francis and the Lights, backed by an orchestra who nodded to the intro to last year's "Sunday Candy." Where last year's performance was straightforwardly heartwarming, this year's show had, like everything else in Chance's world, a darkness to work through before it saw the light.

Watch both performances below.

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