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David Lynch Is Back as Gordon Cole in the New 'Twin Peaks' Teaser

The new clip is literally just Lynch-as-Cole munching down a glazed donut in his suit and ear piece. That's it.

Here's a quick list of the things we know about Showtime's Twin Peaks revival: It's coming sometime next year; it's not a reboot, so it's going to pick up after the events of season two and go from there; it was allegedly written as one long-ass script and then cut into 18 episodes; there are a shit-ton of weird actors filling out the new cast.

And now, thanks to another in a line of inscrutable teaser trailers from Showtime, we know that David Lynch himself will be reprising his role as hard-of-hearing FBI administrator Gordon Cole.

That's about it, though. The teaser is literally just Lynch-as-Cole absentmindedly munching down a glazed donut in his suit and ear piece. The whole 30-second teaser is even more infuriatingly vague than the last infuriatingly vague teaser Showtime dropped on us a couple months back.

Give it a watch above and expect a steady stream of similarly frustrating clips in the coming months as we approach the yet-unnamed drop date for the new season.