Check Out Nick and Penelope Gazin's New Gallery Show in LA This Weekend

'Gazinizag' opens Saturday at Superchief LA, with DJ sets from Nick and King Tuff and an acoustic set from Rikky Gage.
December 16, 2016, 5:45pm

Nick Gazin is VICE's mustachioed art editor and retired frozen food critic, but when he's not scouring the world for hot new comics to publish or enjoying a cone from Mister Softee, he's holed up in his cavernous Brooklyn apartment churning out art. Nick's also got a sister, Penelope, who has her own cavernous art studio over in LA where she runs a better version of Etsy and periodically dances during roller derby halftime or something.


Penelope and Nick are both seemingly blessed with a familial genetic mutation that made them brilliant art masterminds. I simultaneously fear and admire them for their multitude of skills, but I'm happy to count them as my friends (OK, Penelope and I aren't quite pals but maybe some day, by God). This weekend, the duo is coming together like VICE Wonder Twins for a joint sibling art show in LA, and if you're in the city, you should drop by.

The show, "Gazinizag," opens Saturday at Superchief LA. It features work that Nick and Penelope collaborated on exclusively for the show, as well as individual stuff they've been working on in their respective art caves. Nick and King Tuff will be DJing a vinyl set of mostly soul music for the opening, and Rikky Gage (of Free Weed, the Memories, and White Fang) is playing an acoustic set.

The whole thing kicks off at 6 PM on Saturday, December 17. Go check it out!

"Gazinizag" will be up from December 17 until January 7 at Superchief LA, 739 Kohler Street. Scroll down for a sneak peek of some of the work on display.