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Watch Björk Become a Virtual Reality Goddess in Her New “Notget VR” Music Video

You can finally dive inside the world of 'Vulnicura' with Björk herself.

Ever since we went behind-the-scenes of Björk's real-time VR music video, fans have been hotly awaiting the online release of the Icelandic artist's interactive virtual reality music experience. Now, you can dive into the computer-generated world of "Notget," the cavernous sixth track at the heart of 2015's Vulnicura.

"We wanted the surfaces to alter materials, emit light, and look interesting throughout the entire piece, as it was driven by the underlying motion-capture performance," said Matt Chandler of London-based VFX studio Analog, who, alongside Arvid Niklasson, and longtime Björk collaborators and photographers Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones, created the morphing VR environment that made its debut as part of Bjork Digital at the Day for Night Festival in Houston. "The dark, ominous atmosphere is dissolved as she literally grows into a light-charged entity surrounded by hypnotic fluid motions." Creative direction & masks were done by another longtime collaborator, James Merry, and Björk herself.


"We had an idea early on that if we made the piece different enough every time, the conversation between viewers afterward would be quite interesting and make people want to see it again," Chandler continued in our 2016 interview. "The thing I'm most happy with about Notget VR is that we managed to make a pretty cinematic experience that, hopefully, looks less like a computer game and feels more like film."

Finally, experience "Notget VR" for yourself, below:

"Notget VR" debuted at theBjörk Digital exhibition as part of the Day for Night Festival in Houston, December 17 and 18, 2016. Click here to see more of Analog's VFX work, here for more from Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones, and here to visit Björk's website.


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