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Tumble Around a Giant Alien Balloon Animal in This Psychedelic CGI Music Video

Japanese electronic music artist KOM_I gets an otherworldly trip of a music video for her song “BAKU.”

A balloon animal landscape full of animated psychedelic organisms pulses with organic life—although it's all CGI—in filmmaker Sojiro Kamatani's avant-garde music video for "BAKU," a single from KOM_I, the singer of Japanese electronic group Suiyoubi no Campanella. The song, produced by Matthewdavid, is treated to eye-popping colors. As opposed to similar CG work, like the ancient multicellular lifeforms seen in Max Cooper's "Seed" music video, the computer animation created by Tatsuki Saito strives for physical depths and textures while remaining unapologetically virtual. It's sort of a more anarchic spiritual cousin to Quentin Deronzier's music video depicting an epic trek through a day-glo animated world.


In the video, viewers experience this strange world through the eyes of some unknown person, whose arms and hands are visible here and there, and which seem to adapt to the surrounding colors and textures. But, don't look for any narrative in "BAKU"—just float and tumble through Kamatani and Saito's hallucinatory animated reality. Check it out below:

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