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[Premiere] Waxy 3D Humanoids Explore Gender Duality in New Net Art Series

Jason Ebeyer’s oiled up mannequins star in the 25th issue of FELT Zine.
March 25, 2017, 12:15pm

Every Saturday, The Creators Project premieres a new issue from net art platform and artist collective, FELT Zine.

The idealized lacquered humanoids in the 25th issue of FELT Zine encapsulate 3D artist Jason Ebeyer's belief that everybody, no matter their gender, has a masculine and feminine side to their character. Ebeyer says he often features both female and male characters in his work to show these different aspects of his personality and mind. The artist tells Creators that this gendered duality is something he likes to explore, "by letting both sides come out" whilst he creates.

All images courtesy the artist.

Through a combination of programs and mediums, Ebeyer produces work inspired by internet subculture, fashion, and cults. This collection for FELT expands on a self-reflective short film Ebeyer released a few weeks ago, called Ultra . Within the short film's dark hallucinogenic dream world, the artist explores his own personal anxiety in a way he hopes will start a dialogue, "which is all I really want my work to ever do, be the catalyst for conversation," he tells Creators. "It's really difficult for me to think before I speak, because in my mind it's just all images not words, so I find it much easier to communicate through a visual medium." Check out more images from this week's issue below:

Jason Ebeyer is a resident visual artist at Melbourne's monthly BEAÚT Club and is a featured artist with GIPHY. Check out the 25th Issue of FELT Zine here, and check out more of Ebeyer's work on his website and Instagram.


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