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Drake Brought Giggs On Stage Last Night and Performed “Whippin Excursion”

Section Boyz and Kyla also showed up as Drake marked the first London date of his Boy Meets World tour.

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK. 

Yesterday, because we are kind and benevolent people, we shared video footage of a new Drake track featuring Giggs that popped during Drake's first Boy Meets World tour show in Amsterdam (could it be part of his long promised mixtape project More Life? Perhaps, perhaps). Last night, however, during the first date of the tour's lengthy London run, Drizzy went one better and brought the man himself up onstage—not to perform the new track, but for his 2016 banger "Whippin Excursion."


A well-known fan (slash beg-friend) of UK talent, Drake also invited Section Boyz on stage (who performed "Lock Arff"), as well as Kyla, who is featured on his single "One Dance" which, lest we forget, was number one in the UK chart for fifteen consecutive weeks.

Watch videos of Giggs, Section Boyz and Kyla's appearances below, and marvel at how a musician as successful as Drake could possibly be so horrendous at dancing:

(Image via Drake on Instagram)