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Lucy McRae's New Film Teaches You How To Prepare Human Sushi

The director’s latest short explores the grotesqueness of gastronomy.
November 30, 2012, 10:20pm

Make Your Maker on

“You are what you eat,” they say. That idiom rings particularly true in Lucy McRae’s new short “Make Your Maker,” a film that deals with food, genetic manipulation and gelatin… LOTS of gelatin. Created as part of Nowness’s Five Days of Food series, the film follows a futuristic chef as she uses her own body as a model for humanesque food molds. The aesthetics may be best described as what Saw would be like if it starred processed food.

The protagonist may be eye-candy, but the film is a collection of clinically disgusting images. Even the smallest noises makes you cringe a little, whether it be the ripple of a body wriggling in a plastic casing, the model’s breath, or images of multicolored condensation. There are also images of the body and face jello molds being sliced through with wires and some kind of pharmaceutical cookie-cutter tool. The film culminates in the packaging and eating of our chef’s cloned confections that look far from appetizing (and which, of course, are eaten with chopsticks. Check out the film above and check out some of the behind the scenes images. Just make sure you’re not eating anything.

Images via Lucy McRae.

[via Nowness]