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Korea’s “Queen Of Hip-Hop” Gets It On In “Get It In”

With no further ado, The Studio premieres “Get It In,” the highly-anticipated music video collaboration from Tasha of Drunken Tiger and digital media designer Lumpens.
October 28, 2011, 4:18pm

EDITOR’S NOTE: Earlier this week we premiered our latest Studio collaboration from Korean hip-hop stars Tasha Reid and Tiger JK of Drunken Tiger and virtual space transformer Lumpens. We want to congratulate the artists for blowing up YouTube and Twitter, and generally dominating the online space in South Korea. Watch it above (English version here) and read all about the collaboration below.

Critically acclaimed Korean hip-hop group Drunken Tiger has been stomping the streets and spitting rhymes of revolutionary influence for well over a decade now, constantly raising the bar for unprecedented lyricism and transnational music.

Just recently, Tasha Reid, Drunken Tiger's female lyricist debuted her latest single "Get It In." Infectious and bold, this banger of a track, produced by renowned producer !llmind and Jungin, features (in the English version) Seer and Father Dude of Smokey Robotic alongside Tasha's notoriously booming and self-asserting vocals. This mash-up of hip-hop, electronica and pop diverges far from what we've become too familiar with Korea's "Queen of Hip Hop," as Tasha's latest single enters a newfound cross-section of audiovisual entertainment.

As the main Studio piece from this year's Seoul Event, Creators Drunken Tiger and digital media designer Lumpens join in an inimitable project combining hip-hop music with the burgeoning advancements of technology.

Under Lumpens’ direction along with GDW Productions, "Get It In" opens up into an unparalleled world of music and virtual mayhem. Tasha, as the protagonist and heroine, controls the confines of her existence with the swing of her sword, kicking ass and fighting off tuxedo suited villains. Tiger JK, Drunken Tiger's frontman, otherwise known as Korea's "King of Hip-Hop," makes his defiantly late entrance, proceeding into a storm-struck battle of the hip hop beaux.

Check back for our exclusive documentary on the making-of the music video.