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Win Tickets To Woodkid's The Golden Age Tour

We’re giving away tickets to Woodkid’s San Francisco, LA, and NYC shows.

In case you haven’t watched our premiere of Woodkid’s performance at Le Grand Rex, we’re willing to give you another chance. If you still have your doubts, the Inception-style opening chords should clue you in to just how epic this performance is. But once the introduction ends and your daydreams of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy subside, Woodkid continues to blow you away with his grandiose-but-still-sincere, songs “Baltimore’s Fireflies” and “Stabat Mater.” While lasers and fog machines go wild and projections of cathedrals and pillars tower over him, the serene troubadour still manages to pull focus back to his heartfelt performance (and his très-Parisian hat).

But nothing’s as good on video as it is in real life, so we’re giving you the chance to make this happen. We have ticket’s to Woodkid’s The Golden Age tour in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. You can enter here. You should make sure to see Woodkid early—before Christopher Nolan decides to sign him up as the composer on his next film. Watch out, Hans Zimmer.

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