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Barcelona's Most Famous Building, Sagrada Familia, Gets Spectacularly Illuminated

Moment Factory projection map the complicated surface of Gaudí’s famous church.

Sagrada Familia (Ode à la vie) - Démo officiel from Moment Factory on Vimeo.

If you’ve ever travelled to Barcelona, you’ll know that you can’t go for a stroll around the city without encountering the work of its most famous architectural son Antoni Gaudí, especially his most famous work: the spindly, towering church Sagrada Família. Its gnarled, inside-of-a-cave-style experimental architecture isn’t what you’d immediately think of as the perfect canvas for some projection mapping, but then you’re not Montreal-based new media designers Moment Factory.

They were tasked with creating a seven-act multimedia show for the La Mercè festival in Barcelona and set about projection mapping the Nativity façade of Sagrada Familia. Using 16 video projectors, 13 computers, 25 moving lights, and a canvas of 150m x 30m the team created a tale of rebirth and hope inspired by Gaudí’s color sketches.

Called Ode à la vie (Ode to Life), Moment Factory describe it as a “living fresco made of colour, light and sound” where people bore witness to “trompe-l'oeil effects, statues in metamorphosis, natural-texture effects on the stone, highlights on the stained-glass windows and lighting effects on the four spires of the Basilica.”

Photos courtesy of Moment Factory.