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Your Body Isn’t Ready for This ‘Ninja Nanny’ Video Review

“Did someone mention a cow?”

"I should be wearing gloves for this."

Gaze your eyes upon No. 11 Downing Street: The Adventures of Ninja Nanny and Sherrloch Sheltie, an alleged educational PC game from 1993. The YouTube channel Lazy Game Reviews on Friday published an in-depth look at the game, describing it as "nightmare-fuelled acid dream of [ugh]."

I, too, am a little confused by the game, which, judging by the review, appears to be a cross between those "edutainment" titles of the early 90s—I'm thinking of games like that Bill Nye the Science Guy FMV one—and some weird strain of molly you'd only find on a darknet market.

Highlights include:

  • A hippo in a bathtub that can't dance (I can't dance either, so I feel his pain)

  • A horse that's eating oats but then stops because a cow crawls under him

  • A mouse in a trench coat that floats out of what appears to be a kitchen window

Unfortunately, I was unable to locate a copy of the game on Amazon, eBay, or that well-known nautically themed content distribution website so Lazy Game Reviews' video will have to suffice.

Update: December 1, 2015. As luck would have it a Motherboard reader has alerted us to the fact that this game is in fact available for download via Happy, uh, weird gaming?