Hillary Clinton Thanks Jay-Z For "Addressing... Some of Our Biggest Challenges" in His Lyrics

Jay-Z and Beyoncé introduced her to the crowd in Cleveland last night.
November 5, 2016, 6:03pm

Future presidential couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé threw a Get Out the Vote event for hopefully soon-to-be President Hillary Clinton in Cleveland, Ohio last night. The set featured performances from the hosts, obviously, as well as Chance the Rapper, Big Sean, and J. Cole.

As the evening came to a close, Jay and Bey introduced Clinton to the crowd with big hugs all round and the comforting sound of a blaring airhorn.

Clinton then took over the mic for a moment and addressed the crowd, praising the Jay-Z's lyrics and quoting from his 2009 track, "My President."

"I thank Jay for addressing in his music some of our biggest challenges in the country: poverty, racism, the urgent need for criminal justice reform," Clinton said. "And remember, Jay memorably said something we should all recall: 'Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk / and Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run / And Barack Obama ran so that all the children could fly.'"

We've asked the question already this week of just how much adopting hip-hop culture can actually influence a campaign​. It's going to happen with increasing frequency and, well, maybe it won't all be that bad. Clinton's quote here is prescient and addressing the social weight of Jay-Z's lyricism surely counts for something.


But all I really care about at this point—beyond the election of the first female President over a KKK-endorsed lump of rotten pork—is seeing dunces respond to this post on Facebook by screaming, "AN AIDE PROBABLY TOLD HER TO DO IT, NOISEY. YOU'RE SO STUPID. I BET SHE DOESN'T EVEN LISTEN TO JAY-Z AT HOME AND IF SHE DOES SHE PROBABLY LIKES MAGNA CARTA, HOLY GRAIL."

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