Mozart Had the Best-Selling CDs of 2016

'The Magic Flute' was pretty much the 'Views' of 1791.
December 6, 2016, 4:48pm

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the prolific and iconic Classical-era composer, moved the most CDs in in 2016 despite having been dead for more than two centuries. According to Billboard, that massive 200-disc anthology of Mozart's work by Universal sold 1.25 million physical units since its initial release in August. Mozart can now brag to his other ghost composer buddies that he went platinum with no features. Look at him up there, look at his snide expression knowing he's confusing the shit out of music writers in the future. Fucker.

Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition also happens to be the biggest CD box set of all time, at 240 hours long. It's also sold much better than Garth Brooks' (the Mozart of country) similarly ginormous Ultimate Collection box set, which did 134,000 in its first week. Views is still at 4 million total, but maybe Drake should turn his paranoid eye towards that guy from Salzburg…

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