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Watch Lady Gaga’s Nicely Flamboyant SNL Performance

Mother Monster played “A-Yo” and “Million Reasons” from ‘Joanne’ and it was a world away from the dive bars she’s been chilling in of late.

Lady Gaga prepared for the release of her new Mark Ronson-produced album Joanne by playing in dive bars across this great land, pushing the country angle behind the album's conception as far as she could. At no point, though, was it implied that Lady Gaga would slide into understatement in her performances. And last night on Saturday Night Live, she turned the flair all the way up.

She opened up with "A-Yo," a track that ended up involved in one of this year's most annoying, stupid beefs​. There were sequins everywhere and a Mark Ronson stage left. But it was her second track, "Million Reasons," still the album's best track after a few listens, that really stuck. It was minimal, allowing Gaga's voice to come through with few distractions. Again, though, there was a flamboyance to the whole thing, Gaga playing to the camera, every gesture heightened and extended.


Watch both performances below.

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