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Did Big Pharma Dickhead Martin Shkreli Offer to Pay His Ex-Girlfriend $10,000 to Go Down on Her?

An anonymous woman claiming to be his ex has released what she says are sleazy messages from this week's most hated man on the internet.

Screenshot via Katie's blog post

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Martin Shkreli became this week's most hated man on the internet after his pharmaceutical company raised the price of Daraprim—a life-saving drug that's been on the market since the early 1950s—from $13.50 to $750 a pill overnight.

Since then, everyone from medical experts to presidential candidates have called him out, prompting Shkreli to back down and promise to lower the price of Daraprim.


Now that Shkreli has thrust himself into the national spotlight, all sorts of nasty details about his past are cropping up—most recently, that he allegedly offered to pay an ex-girlfriend $10,000 in exchange for her letting him eat her out.

"Freshman year of college I dated Martin Shkreli: unrepentant capitalist, quoter of Eminem lyrics, embodiment of douchebaggery," the girl wrote Tuesday on her blog, In Defense Of Getting Off, where she's been writing about sex since 2008.

In a post titled "10k," Katie—who's elected not to reveal her last name—explains how Shkreli hit her up for sex more than five years after they'd broken up.

To prove Shkreli's messages are the real deal, Katie also posted a screenshot of an email (see above) he sent from his work account at Elea Capital Management, a hedge fund Shkreli ran in the mid 2000s.

Photo via Katie's blog post

Shkreli has suggested the messages could have been "fabricated," and has also repeatedly denied accusations of deceiving investors, threatening his old business partners, and scheming to steal money from his former employers.

"It's funny to me," Shkreli told Business Insider. "I mean, I think if America wants to not do any fact-checking and understand the situation, just villainize capitalists, then that's fine by me. I don't take it personally. I understand that there's resistance to pharmaceutical companies, hedge fund managers, capitalists."