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PREMIERE: No Age Goes Medieval on Your Ass with "Serf to Serf"

Listen to the premiere of the LA noise rock duo's new song from their forthcoming 'Separation' 7".

You know what they say about good things in small packages, and it's been a particularly fitting credo in recent years for LA noise rock duo No Age and the slew of EPs, singles, and cassettess they've been turning out between full lengths.

We last heard from Randy Randall and Dean Allen Spunt on last year's Barely Mixed, No Master EP, and now they're back with the self-released 7" Separation, cut especially forth their forthcoming tour in Norway. Today we're pleased to premiere the lead single from pressing, "Serf to Serf," which we also debuted this weekend on Noisey Radio on Beats 1. It sounds like The Ramones beating each other up with their instruments in an underground parking garage. It's great.


"We're from Southern California, and there's a big feudal system going on here, so we really feel akin to the serfs. And surfdom," they told us. "There's a lot of beaches, and medieval castles, and antique class systems that are still in place. As well as a lot of waves. And palm trees. So enjoy it!"

Separation is due out in September and will be available in the US through local record shops via Secretly Distribution and available digitally online through out the world. They'll also have copies, featuring some very cool artwork made from photocopies of toilet paper wrapping, for sale on their upcoming tour.

Kick back, throw on some leeches, and listen to the premiere of No Age's "Serf to Serf" below.


Sept 6th: Tromsø / Driv

Sept 7th: Oslo / Internasjonalen

Sept 8th: Trondheim / Brukbar/Blæst

Sept 9th: Bergen / Landmark (Perfect Sounds Forever #6)

Sept 10th: Stavanger / Folken

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