Isaiah Rashad Announces His Debut Studio LP, ‘The Suns Tirade,’ and Drops New Track “Park” to Celebrate.

The follow-up to 2014’s 'Cilvia Demo' is out September 2.
August 27, 2016, 7:04pm

It’s been two years since Isaiah Rashad’s Cilvia Demo dropped to widespread acclaim. Since then, the Tennessean has been teasing the follow-up, dropping tracks sporadically. We’ve known for a while that perfectly laid-back singles “Nelly” and “Smile” will be there and, at the start of this month, we had “Free Lunch,” the most dextrous, free-flowing track we’ve heard from him since his first release.


“Free Lunch” finally came with the promise of a completed new album, though, and now we know the details. The Sun’s Tirade will be out next week, September 2, on Top Dawg Entertainment.

Rashad also dropped a new song, “Park,” to back up the announcement. Rashad’s voice is stronger here, more energetic, flowing towards staccato. He’s more defiant, too, running over a piano-led beat: “Don't question your passion / We flipped every fucker we couldn't be ashing / They got me so high that I look like I'm passive.”

Check out the track below and read our 2014 interview with Rashad here.

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