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Inside the Last Ever Party at Dunedin's Cult Underground Venue

For a few cold winter months, a group artists and musicians ran shows in a dungeon under The Octagon in Dunedin.

Down a flight of stairs underneath The Octagon, Dunedin's central square, is a dark, dusty space where Ruby Harris and a bunch of other young artists and musicians have shared their work and ideas over the southern winter, keeping warm by jumping rope. They call it The Dungeon. Most weekends they put on a gig or an exhibition. But after a few short months the lease is up. So to say goodbye, they had a fashion show and giant party. Bands Koizilla, The Rothmans, Hermann Doose and Hoot played. Ruby took these photos throughout The Dungeon's fleeting existence, including the last night, which wasn't as bleak and brooding as you might think.


"Many believe the Dunedin "look" is dark, baggy and cold," says Ruby. "But how we experience it is very accepting and fun with many ideas inspired from the Internet—as Dunedin is very small."

Ruby says The Dungeon will be back in some form or another. As soon as they find a new, warmer and cleaner space.

All photos by Ruby Harris unless otherwise stated.

Hermann Doose

Patrick Dunphy


Astro Children

The RothmansOla Szukiel

Maddy Taylor-Jeffs

Maddy Taylor-Jeffs