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Apparently We Can Blame Jewish Doctors for Cancer

According to Doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer, they plant cancer-causing microchips under our skin.

Is your worldview dictated by logic, science and reason? If so, it's highly likely that you've gone through life with your eyes closed to the secret Jewish-American indoctrination of Western minds. But now – with the help of Germanische Neue Medizin (Germanic New Medicine) – it's time to break free from those Zionist brain-shackles. The group's first revelation? Cancer isn't really a disease; it's a toxic concoction Jewish doctors plant under our skin in the form of poisonous microchips.


The Germanic New Medicine sect is led by Doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer, who's chosen to keep his medical title despite the fact he was officially stripped of it in 1986 after allegations of malpractice. He rejects chemotherapy and maintains that HIV is an allergy, blaming the millions of deaths credited to the virus on the conventional medicine designed to treat it. Accurate data on how many people actually believe Hamer's unique take on things are hard to come by, but there are said to be around 100,000 followers in Germany, with no information available about numbers in Austria or Switzerland.

However, it was in Austria where the movement first garnered major media attention. In 1995, six-year-old Olivia Pilhar was diagnosed with a malignant kidney tumour. While doctors strongly advised chemotherapy, her parents sought advice from Hamer, who attributed Olivia's cancer to a so-called “water and food conflict”. In other words, the girl apparently had an unconscious desire for cancer because she was afraid of water and had a deep-seated need for her mother to be at home, cooking her meals, rather than out working.

Olivia’s condition began to deteriorate, prompting Austrian authorities to sue for custody so they could treat her against her parents' will. To avoid handing their daughter over, the Pilhar family fled to Spain, but after seven weeks travelling round Europe – in which time Olivia's tumour had swelled to the size of a football – they gave in and returned to Austria. Olivia received chemotherapy and is today considered cured, except in the eyes of "Germanic salvation".


Olivia P with her parents, Dr Marina Marcovich and Geerd Hamer at the University Hospital of Malaga, where the family had fled. (Photo courtesy of Andreas Zeppelzauer/

According to Germanic New Medicine, chemotherapy is the Jews' weapon of mass destruction. Their main goal is to exterminate all non-Jews and destroy the non-believers by implanting microchips under the skin of patients for a future, satellite-controlled genocide. Hamer's evidence for this theory is: "No Jew ever gets chemo." He also states: "We can only solve the conflict by finally understanding that these are all lies of a religious mafia whose goals are obviously to torment and eliminate the people."

Oh, and Jews apparently can't suffer from AIDS because of circumcision, but are responsible for spreading the virus. Hamer argues that HIV is an allergy triggered by smegma, which circumcision allegedly protects you from.

The diagnostic methods of Germanic medicine would be funny if they weren't so depressingly futile. Hamer is known to provide remote diagnoses over the phone and has also invented the self-diagnosis-by-clapping test. It's a method by which one can determine a disease, according to Hamer, just from the patient clapping their hands.

Hamer teaches that Jews themselves follow the ideas of Germanic New Medicine, while killing non-Jews with chemotherapy and morphine: “There is religious delusion that one can kill a non-Jew without being punished for it, or that you can eliminate patients [non-Jews] with chemo and morphine to decimate them," he says. "All the while, Jews (as the ‘chosen people’) use the Germanic New Medicine successfully for themselves – this religious mania has now reached its tragic climax."

According to a list by blogger Aribert Deckers on, 149 people have already died after being treated under Germanic New Medicine.

Medical journalist Dr Krista Federspiel, who has studied Germanic New Medicine and numerous other fringe medical groups extensively, calls it brainwashing. She says that followers of this cult-like group suffer from a massive loss of reality, believing everything without criticism or questions. She also notes Hamer’s medical history; when he was younger, he suffered testicular cancer and underwent an operation that he says he would decline today.

Olivia's father, Helmut P, remains one of Hamer's most loyal followers. He continues to hold talks in all German-speaking countries about Germanic New Medicine, ignoring any criticism of the medical sect's beliefs.

Aside from a couple of reports of people who've allegedly been threatened after speaking out against the group, there doesn't appear to be much opposition. Unfortunately, that means that current followers and any new recruits are going to continue relying on Hamer and his dangerously misguided theories.