A Guy Lived with His Dead Grandma's Corpse for Five Months to Avoid Moving Out

He filled her room with air fresheners to cover the smell of rotting flesh.
October 6, 2016, 3:08pm
Air fresheners probably don't cover the smell of dead bodies very well. Photo via Flickr user Mike Mozart

The NYPD arrested 30-year-old Christopher Fuhrer Thursday after discovering he had been living in his grandmother's home with her decaying corpse for months, Associated Press reports.

Fuhrer was, according to police, worried that reporting his grandmother's death would force him to move out of her Queens apartment. He successfully lived with her body for five months, wrapping it in plastic trash bags and filling her room with air fresheners to mask the smell of rotting flesh.

Fuhrer's mom—daughter of the deceased—was the one who finally asked police to check in on the 85-year-old grandmother after not hearing from her for half a year. When police confronted Fuhrer about the corpse, he told the officers that he was worried he'd become homeless once her death was discovered.

Fuhrer was arrested for improper burial and other charges, according to AP, and police are currently looking into the cause of the grandmother's death.

It's unclear if the guy is going to have to find his own house now, but at least he didn't have to live with a dead body for 20 years or whatever.

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