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'Idiocracy' Will Be Back in Theaters in Time for the Election

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema will bring the movie to 30-plus theaters across the country this October in honor of the film's tenth anniversary and bizarre prescience about the current political climate.

Mike Judge's Idiocracy will return to select theaters on October 4 in honor of its tenth anniversary and bizarre prescience about the current election, AV Club reports.

Back in 2006, when the movie was first released, Idiocracy was just a dark farce that illustrated a dystopian future where only dumb people reproduced causing the world to be left with a civilization of idiots. The film didn't initially do well for 20th Century Fox, but it has since developed a cult following and a bizarre number of similarities between its fictional world and the current political climate.

"Ten years ago, satirist Mike Judge told of an impossible future in which our collective intelligence had dropped so low it threatened to destroy the world," Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, which is bringing the movie back to the big screen, wrote in its press release. "Over the past months, thousands have questioned in social media whether Idiocracy was actually a documentary. Mike Judge's sadly prescient film has transcended its cult classic status to become a vibrant and essential facet of this election conversation."

If you're unable to make it to one of the 30-plus screenings across the country, Alamo Drafthouse suggests you watch it at home at exactly 7 PM, then tune into its Facebook Live stream at 8:25 PM to catch Judge and actress Maya Rudolph answer questions about the film in Santa Monica.

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