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Bethesda Had an E3 2016 Showcase, and Here’s What Happened

Really, don't try to read too much into that headline, it's entirely literal. Also: 'Skyrim Special Edition' and a new 'Prey.'
June 17, 2016, 12:00am

It's an old game, made new, and that'll just have to do, so keep your 'Elder Scrolls VI' patter zipped, okay?

Barely an hour and change ago, Bethesda's E3 Showcase wrapped. Games were announced. Some we knew about; others, we suspected. Surprises were somewhere between few and completely non-existent. And then blink-182 played. Really. Look: here's a lovely man who works at Edge magazine being funny about it.

All of the small things - that's the right title, right? — Ben Maxwell (@iamthemanta)June 13, 2016


I didn't watch blink as I was having dinner with Green Day. Sort of. Two-thirds of Green Day were in the same restaurant as me. That kind of counts, right? Only in LA, I suppose. But before all that, these new video game things were confirmed by real men on a real stage, in front of a real crowd. And probably rather more people watching online. (I mean, really, there's very little need to physically be here at E3, in terms of just hearing about upcoming releases. I'm starting to wonder if Nintendo haven't got this pitching new stuff thing totally spot on with their Directs.)

Remember last week, where we ran that Really Long Article About The Stuff We Wanted (And Didn't Want) To See At E3 This Year? This one? Well, look right there: Quake was the very first thing we did want to see. And it only bloody well opened Bethesda's show. Quake Champions is a multiplayer arena fighter jobbie for PC with its sights clearly set on the eSports scene. Have a peek, why not. That girl's hair is very blue. Right up until all that red comes out of it.

There was talk, courtesy of Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard, of some more Fallout 4 DLC, which will let players build their own vaults. Which sort of already happened with Fallout Shelter, and we all saw what that did to us. Oh yeah, and it's going VR in 2017, via the HTC Vive. Which may legitimately kill people, being in that world, in virtual reality, for hours on end. DOOM's getting some expansion extras, too, with new maps and a new demon to kill, and anyone yet to take the plunge into this fresh hell can test the reboot of 1993's iconic shooter via a free demo, available for a short period only. More excitingly, we saw more of Dishonored 2, actual gameplay too, and it looks an awful lot like this (and comes out on November the 11):

Not sure about that Fleetwood Mac cover, mind. Fans of all things Elder Scrolls got to fill their boots three ways. Legends, the free-to-play card thingumabob, is coming to iOS, Android, and Mac having already emerged into the not-entirely-fussed-about-it-actually light on PC. The Elder Scrolls Online got a shout out for reaching seven million players, which seems mighty fine when you hold it up against a figure like, oh I don't know, the population of Peterborough, which is substantially less. (There's an expansion for that coming, too, based around the Dark Brotherhood.) And then there was the worst-kept secret of E3 2016: there's a new version of Skyrim coming to modern consoles. The originally titled Special Edition of The Elder Scrolls V will be out on October the 28, even though we know they've had this up their sleeve for ages and could probably release it tomorrow. Look at how it's so much shinier than it used to be over here.

Something else that came up in our mega preview of the other day was an overdue sequel to Prey. And guess what rolled out of the shadows just in time to make a small corner of today's gamers do a wee squee…

And that was that, really, save for the rock show. They're all about the small things, these events. Ah, you see where I'm going with this. Dammit.

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