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Calgary Police Return a Stolen Car, Leave a Bag of Cocaine, Crack Pipe and Weapons inside

Incompetence or an act of kindness? You be the judge.

This could also be left over baking flour, but it's probably cocaine. Photo via

A Calgary woman was already having a bad week: her car had been stolen, and her bank account drained, likely by the same criminals.

But when Courtney Pickering's vehicle was finally returned to her by Calgary police on Monday, her bad week got worse. She opened the glovebox to look for her ID and registration, only to find someone else's ID, right next to a baggie of what appeared to be cocaine. She then noticed a crack pipe on her back seat, and a knife.


Assuming that maybe the car hadn't finished being searched by the police, the single mother of a three-year-old boy left the car in the lot.

According to the Calgary Sun, Pickering then asked police to remove the offending pouch of the devil's dandruff and other potentially incriminating objects, before leaving the impound. She claims she was told by one officer "I don't have much time for this, like, three minutes, so what am I looking for in here?"

The cop quickly searched her car and said it was good to be released, so she went home with her son.

But by the next morning, Pickering says she was even angrier because she had also found a man's flip flops and a hammer, along with a pellet gun around the passenger seats—which, when considered with the previous objects, sounds like a recipe for a nice little getaway weekend.

Pickering has filed a complaint but said she hopes that she can stop this from happening to someone else. Police haven't officially responded to the incident but are conducting an investigation.

"That matter has been reported to us and our professional standards section is looking into it, so until they complete their investigation we won't be able to comment further," a police spokesperson told VICE. "But we are looking into it."

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