Capturing the Supernatural Elements of Our World


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Capturing the Supernatural Elements of Our World

Rendering cultural and natural transformations democratically, photographer Michael Lundgren reveals an unaccountable world in his series 'Matter.'

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Michael Lundgren's new photo series, Matter, is culled from nine years of picture-making. Using metaphorical and visual tropes, Lundgren departs from the confines of the actual landscape, conjuring elements of the supernatural. Democratically rendering cultural and natural transformations, Matter reveals an unaccountable world where water seeps red, cement cubes fall from the sky, and green foxes are unearthed. Lundgren works collaboratively with artists, scientists, and writers on historically and socially engaged bodies of work, but his true passion is the poetic potential of the medium. His practice layers both digital and analog technologies, employing manipulation within the camera, the darkroom, and the computer.