This story is over 5 years old.


March 26, 2009, 2:37pm

How do you find truth on a planet like this? How do you sort out what the truth is from all the lies unless you could actually see and experience this truth? While on the UFO I KNEW there was a mission. I was in a lot of trouble with my thoughts constantly happening and it was getting dangerous. I would put out a thought to stop a traffic light about half a block ahead of me and it froze in yellow and the light on the left side blew out with a POP completely. I drove through to the next light a block past this one and it was still frozen in yellow.

A girl would come up to me and was trying to explain something about wool and I immediately picked up what she wanted to know and I said, "Do you mean like…LIGHTNING." and I moved my hands like lightning and the lights in the room blew out like a photographic camera flash bulb and she said, "YES" and ran out.

I would catch a ride with some crazy nut on drugs and he would be driving down streets at high speeds and I had to hold my space to keep him from wreaking the car until he would finally let me out.

So I found this book by L. Ron Hubbard that explains the powers and phenomenon of thought and how to change your future and control thoughts. This book is called, The Phoenix Lectures. After I read this book I went to my father's house to practice it with the weather and I also have to be careful of my negative thoughts too. And this book taught me how to cancel the negative thoughts to prevent them from being created in the future and I learned how to create my future.

I have listened to Mr. Hubbard's tapes, lectures and read a lot of his theories and without this data I could not control my thoughts continually happening.

I learned how to hold my space too. You might wonder what that is. Well you hear of people getting in total wrecked car accidents and it defies all laws because you wonder how the driver only came out with scratches.

You see if a person does not believe he will die then the space around him is so solid metal can not enter it. You hear of these RAMBO type soldiers doing the impossible. The truth is they don't believe they will die so if bullets or metal try to enter his space the bullets will just go around and the metal will bounce off his space.

I've had impossible to explain situations happen that should have gotten me hurt but nothing happened.

My mom told me about a cripple who couldn't walk too that had this miracle stuff always happening to her too. Her cripple friend controls the entire car with her hands and some special handles that control the brake and gas of the car. She can not use her legs. She was driving at night and suddenly in front of them appeared two riders on horses and my mom said these horses could not have been more than a foot apart and then suddenly with no explanation they were moved far enough apart to drive through them without hitting them. She still can't believe what happened. And another friend of mine was driving a car and someone ran a stop sign and with her mind she pushed the car back and parked it on the corner and the man got out and was totally confused as to how his car moved over there. So there is a lot of mysteries that can't be explained in life. But I found my source to truth that I can depend on is from the books and works of L. Ron Hubbard.

And I have one incident that is completely impossible to explain. If a spirit doesn't want to die and if he is somewhat exterior to the body he can repair the body and return to it.

I worked on the oil rigs near Roosevelt Utah and we were tightening the nuts on these big bolts that hold these huge valves together that would prevent a blowback from happening. A blowback is when you hit a pocket of gas down deep in the earth and it comes up. So you have to be prepared for it because if it reaches the surface it can blow the rig apart. I was holding this hammer wrench up in front of my head on one of the nuts. The driller was tightening it with a 16 pound full length sledgehammer. He was swinging it at full length and making direct hits on the hammer wrench. I suddenly realized that if he missed the hammer wrench he would hit me directly in the head, I was about to get out of the way when the next swing came and it missed the hammer wrench and hit me right in the forehead.

I had read some Mr. Hubbard's books and listened to some of his lectures. I found a definition that seems to be the kind of state I am in as a spirit. This one special state I read was this: "the spirit will leave the body to protect himself and the body in emergencies."

After the 16-pound sledgehammer hit me directly in the forehead and he was swinging with all his strength and at that angle the sledgehammer was at, THERE WAS NO WAY HE COULD HAVE SLOWED THE HAMMER DOWN, I turned away from them and was holding my head with my hands and it felt like my whole head was split open. I kept feeling the front of my head with my hands and saying, "is my head still here … is my head still here….???" Then suddenly everything felt like it was ok and I turned and look at the driller and said, "I think I better stand a little more over here."

The driller and the rest of the crew were standing there in shock. I have NO IDEA what they saw. The driller was shaking like a leaf and trying to say something like, "gettt ….gggetttt t up … on the deck and clean all that blood off." I didn't even know there was any blood. I went up and started washing the blood off my face and hair and there was thick sticky jelly like blood all over the back of my head in my hair. I kept washing and washing again and again … and finally, after about ten minutes of washing, I could get all the blood out of my hair. I looked in the mirror, … no bump on the head … no cut … nothing …. Just a slight headache and that was it.

Where did all the blood come from? I went down to the driller and said, "I'm OK." Which is funny, I always have a strange reaction to things like this … I worry more about hurting others feelings then I do myself. I showed him there was nothing wrong…. He kept looking like it was impossible … and then said, "Look you go to the hospital right now … and check to see if there is anything wrong like a skull fracture." So I went to the hospital and they could not find anything wrong with me. I lost this job soon after because the whole crew seemed to be completely afraid to be around me. So I have NO IDEA what they saw.

I learned how to do healing from some of the books I read of Mr. Hubbard's too. I learned this touch assist. It is where you duplicate the creation of the injury by putting yourself in the exact position you were when you had the accident and then recalling the exact moment you got hurt and then touching the object that hurt you in the exact spot it was hit with the idea of recalling the exact time of the incident.

So I had just taken a butcher knife that I used to cut squash and was just whacking it and I missed the squash and hit my thumb and it went all the way to the bone. The blood was squirting out to the heart beat. I put a napkin over it and got in the exact position I was when I hit my thumb and kept touching the knife to my thumb in the exact spot the knife hit, (that spot is the spot with the most pain), and at the same time trying to recall the exact moment of the incident, until all the pain was gone. I took off the napkin and the cut was gone completely. It totally blew my mind. How could this be possible? According to Mr. Hubbard by duplicating the exact creation of the cut it will vanish that creation and the thumb will go back to what it was before it was cut.

So I am living proof that Mr. Hubbared's ideas and theories work.
I actually went back in time to a period somewhere in France to a castle to handle something that caused the police to always want to stop me. It is like leaving this body and going quickly out of this physical universe into a void of nothing for an instant to another time and taking a look and coming back through the void again and back into the body.