Monthly Horoscope: Aquarius, April 2023

Welcome to Aries season, Aquarius! 

The sun in Aries illuminates the communication sector of your chart, inspiring a productive atmosphere for sharing ideas, writing or research, taking care of paperwork, and generally getting the answers you need! Your local neighborhood might also be quite busy at this time: You may be connecting with neighbors, exploring newly opened spots, or enjoying what your area has to offer. 

If you have siblings, you could be connecting with them during Aries season and your focus turns to home and family as Mercury enters Taurus on April 3. Logistics regarding a move or rearrangement are worked out, or you might be reaching out to family, connecting with a housemate, or simply feeling nostalgic. Mercury in Taurus is a lovely time for you to connect with the past, though Mercury also squares off with Pluto in your sign, Aquarius, perhaps bringing an intense discussion! A power struggle could be exposed, secrets revealed.


Mercury connects with one of your ruling planets, Saturn, in Pisces, on April 5, boding well for discussions about money, security, and comfort. This can be a productive time to discuss long-term plans. The full moon in fellow air sign Libra takes place on April 6, bringing a discussion to an important climax. Information could come to light; the answers you’ve been looking for could be found. A sort of spiritual breakthrough may take place. The facts are sorted out.

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Venus in Taurus connects with Neptune in Pisces on April 7, inspiring creativity and romance! A sweet gift may be exchanged. An issue at home or regarding money can easily sort itself out. The mood is also quite romantic, and it’s a powerful time to get closer to someone. Venus is all about pleasure, and Neptune is the planet of dreams and fantasies, so their harmonious alignment is one that inspires a magical, whimsical atmosphere! Creative inspiration abounds. Also, Mercury enters its pre-retrograde shadow, meaning that many of the plans and conversations that take place between now and when Mercury retrograde begins on April 21 could be revisited and reworked.


Mercury connects with Mars in Cancer on April 8, inspiring productivity at home and at work. This is a great opportunity to tackle your to-do list, as energy is high and communication flows. Venus enters fellow air sign Gemini on April 11, inspiring a fun and flirtatious atmosphere! You could be connecting with a new crush or having a great time with a long-term lover. You can enjoy, or create, some fantastic art, too. The mood is light and easygoing, while intellectually stimulating, deep, and powerful bonds form as Venus also connects with Pluto. This is a hugely passionate day! The sun meets Jupiter in Aries, perhaps bringing good news and inspiring an optimistic attitude. The mood might be less cozy and more focused on business as Venus squares off with Saturn on April 14: Important discussions about plans and expectations take place. Boundaries are set.

The solar eclipse in Aries takes place on April 20, marking the start of an important discussion. Information that changes everything could arrive! The conversations that take place at this time feel like they are fated in some way, like you were meant to receive the message. A powerful letter or statement could be mailed or received. Emotionally, you may be undergoing a radical change in how you think and talk about your feelings. The sun enters Taurus and squares off with Pluto on this day, bringing your focus to home and family, and finding you quite adamant about changing a power dynamic in your personal life! A clash of egos could take place. Letting go of—or simply accepting—the past is the best way to work with this energy.


Mercury retrograde begins in Taurus on April 21, which can find you reconnecting with people from your past, like family members or childhood friends. You might be revisiting a place where you used to live, or find yourself in a nostalgic mood. Aquarius is the zodiac sign of the future, but April might find you very much in the past!

Mercury retrograde is famous for miscommunications and delays, and discussions regarding your living situation, home, family, or personal life in general, can move slowly or get confused. However, if you embrace this time as an opportunity to slow down and rest, you’ll be working with the Mercury retrograde and not against it! Mercury retrograde ends on May 14, at which time confusion clears up and discussions move forward. Mercury will clear its post-shadow period on June 1, when your focus will be on new topics! 

Mercury retrograde connects with Mars on April 23, which could find you revisiting discussions that took place around April 8. You may be redoing or editing work at this time. The sun aligns with Saturn on April 25, inspiring a solid, supportive atmosphere at home and in your finances. Saturn is all about maturity and responsibility, and its harmonious connection with the sun, a symbol of the self, suggests that people feel especially capable and focused. Future plans regarding money or your home could be explored. Action planet Mars connects with your other ruling planet, Uranus, in Taurus on April 29, perhaps bringing a twist ending to a situation you considered business as usual! Fortunately, Aquarius is a zodiac sign that’s comfortable with surprises—in fact, you often thrive in environments that support experimentation and change.

Good luck this month, Aquarius, and see you in May!