CYBER: Cory Doctorow on Why the Internet Broke and How to Fix It

The author is on the show to talk about his new book, why America stopped fighting monopolies, and a little bit about nuclear weapons.

Have you noticed your internet is …. kinda shitty? Does Spotfiy’s smart shuffle keep playing the same Cure song over and over again? Does a quick google search give you page after page of obvious advertisements? Want to leave Facebook behind but that one group chat keeps you checking in day after day?

Well have I got the book for you. It’s The Internet Con: How to Seize the Means of Computation. It’s a little bit history, it’s a little bit manifesto, and it’s all about one simple concept that can help us get out of this mess: interoperability.


Here with me today to discuss is the book's author, Cory Doctorow. Doctorow is a writer, activist, and journalist.

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