Monthly Horoscope: Sagittarius, August 2022

Welcome to Leo season, dear Sagittarius!

The sun in Leo illuminates the sector of your chart that rules travel, higher learning, and new opportunities, making it an inspiring and adventurous time of year for you, dear Sagittarius! Like you, Leo is a passionate, creative fire sign, and this season is an expansive period to explore new opportunities.

The month opens with Mars meeting Uranus in Taurus on August 1, which might find your schedule turned upside down. But a change in routine can be a good thing! This could be an excellent opportunity to reorganize your life and remove yourself from a responsibility or project that you no longer want to participate in. This could be a potent time to kick an old habit. People can feel quite impulsive, and unexpected arguments could pop up, so find ways to to stay patient and grounded!


Unexpected help arrives as Venus in Cancer connects with Uranus and Mars in Taurus on August 2. A brilliant upgrade or breakthrough can take place, and it’s a powerful time for problem solving. The mood is experimental and productive, and conversations about your career kick up on August 4 as Mercury enters Virgo. An announcement about your achievements or a reward may come your way. Conversations and paperwork concerning your career may be a big focus now.

August 7 finds Venus connecting with Neptune in Pisces, creating a sweet, sentimental atmosphere that bodes well for emotional and spiritual connection. You may be connecting with the past and exploring the bonds you share with others. Also on August 7, Mars squares off with Saturn in Aquarius, perhaps inspiring a heaviness regarding communication: While Venus’s alignment with Neptune inspires an easygoing, forgiving atmosphere, Mars’s alignment with Saturn adds an element of seriousness. Communicating responsibly and setting boundaries regarding communication and availability are big themes at this time.

Important conversations about money may come to a head as Venus opposes Pluto in Capricorn on August 9. You could be gaining great clarity about your values at this time. Issues regarding relationships with unfair power dynamics, particularly concerning money, are confronted. The full moon in Aquarius arrives on August 11, perhaps bringing information to light or a climax to a conversation that’s been brewing. Again, clarity is a significant theme at this moment and misconceptions can be resolved. This full moon also finds the sun squaring off with Uranus, Venus entering Leo, and Mars connecting with Neptune.


The sun square Uranus finds us craving freedom and independence. For you, Sagittarius, this alignment can find you shaking up your daily routine, perhaps rearranging your schedule in some unexpected way. You may be tired of your daily routine, and feeling like a big change needs to take place. Venus entering fellow fire sign Leo inspires a fun, playful mood. A relaxing vacation may be on the horizon, or a sweet message could come your way. Mars’s connection with Neptune can help you smooth a tricky issue over, and you feel especially charming and creative at this time. Mars’s alignment with Neptune inspires an easy energy for transforming patterns and habits, especially at home or in your personal life.

Limits can be set as the sun opposes Saturn on August 14, especially regarding communication or your availability. Your tolerance for thoughtless communication is especially low at this time! Also on this day, Mars connects with Pluto, which bodes particularly well for grouting your wealth and sense of security! Surprising news arrives as Mercury connects with Uranus on August 16, and an exciting change in your routine could take place. There may be a breakthrough concerning a project you’re working on! Venus connects with your ruling planet Jupiter, which is in Aries, on August 18, for one of the most fun moments this month! This is an exciting time to connect with a crush or an established lover. Creativity gets a big boost and you could be attending an exciting party at this time. You can feel a deep appreciation for life at this time, and your heart may be especially open.

Mars enters your opposite sign Gemini on August 20, revving up the relationship sector of your chart. You could connecting with some particularly energetic, exciting people! Your partners may be more straightforward or even confrontational, and a boost of passion is in the air. Be mindful about communication and watch out for misunderstandings as Mercury opposes Neptune on August 21; a clearer day for communication is the next day, August 22, as Mercury mingles with Pluto, inspiring clarity and creating a fantastic energy for research. Mercury’s connection with Pluto can find you having a revealing conversation about money. Resources could become available to you at this time. Also on August 22, the sun enters Virgo, lighting up the sector of your chart that rules your career and reputation, making it an exciting time to enjoy the spotlight and push things forward professionally.

Unexpected changes in your routine may take place as Uranus begins its retrograde in Taurus on August 24. You could abruptly drop a habit or find yourself experimenting with a new routine. Mercury enters Libra on August 26, which can find you connecting with a new social circle and exploring new dreams, hobbies, and wishes. The new moon in Virgo arrives on August 27, marking the start of a new journey in your career. You could be starting a new job or thinking about leadership in a new way. Venus’s square with Uranus during this new moon finds you feeling experimental and craving a change of scenery, and you be quite impatient about making this change as the sun squares with Mars, too. Sagittariuses are famously blunt, and this is especially true of you during this new moon.

Venus’s alignment with Uranus can find you changing your location or routine at work: You might feel like being in a new space is energizing and helps you come up with new ideas. In your love life, a change in scenery can also help (perhaps a vacation with your lover, or something as simple as having dinner someplace new) and you’re in the mood to experiment, craving novelty and excitement! On August 28, Venus opposes Saturn: With the new clarity you have about your desires and expectations, you’re raising standards in all your relationships, and setting firm boundaries. Discussions and plans and commitments take place.

Good luck this month, Sagittarius, and see you in September!