QAnon Is Losing It Over the Queen’s Death

“May she burn in hell for eternity,” wrote one QAnon account on Telegram. “So happy! The evil witch is dead,” said another.
Queen Elizabeth II smiles during a visit to officially open the new building at Thames Hospice on July 15, 2022 in Maidenhead, England.
Queen Elizabeth II smiles during a visit to officially open the new building at Thames Hospice on July 15, 2022 in Maidenhead, England. (Photo by Kirsty O'Connor-WPA Pool / Getty Images)

Despite spending years claiming she’d already been executed, QAnon on Thursday openly celebrated the news of Queen Elizabeth’s death. 

“May she burn in hell for eternity,” one QAnon account on Telegram wrote moments after the queen’s death was announced. “So happy! The evil witch is dead,’ another wrote.

For years, the queen has been a central figure in the QAnon conspiracy as part of a cast of elites who followers believe are operating a child sex trafficking ring that traverses the globe. 


In the hours before her death, some referenced wild QAnon conspiracies about the queen participating in satanic rituals and drinking the blood of children: “They’re preparing the black mass and baby buffet as we sit here,” adding, “I think you’ll find she’s already gone.”

Another echoed the sentiment that the queen has been dead for a while: “She's been dead, they had to find the right time to break the news.”

On the Great Awakening, a QAnon message board, users shared similar conspiracies: “She died several months ago. Remember she went through a transition or whatever. That was the embalming process. CGI and body doubles are in place.”

Others pushed the even more fantastical claim that the queen was merely a computer-generated mirage, a conspiracy that QAnon has also pushed about President Joe Biden since he took office last year.

“She has been CGI for a while now. Wonder why it is being announced now,” one Telegram user wrote. Over on a QAnon message board, one user wrote about a picture released last week of the queen shaking hands with the newly elected British prime minister, Liz Truss: “That old lady doesn't even look like the queen lol.”


Another member of the forum said: “Maybe that’s the cleaning woman, but that isn’t the woman who has been playing the Queen.”

The queen has been a central figure in the QAnon conspiracies from the very beginning. On Nov. 5, 2017, a week after the first Q drop was posted, on 4chan, the anonymous author of the Q drops referenced the monarch:

“Who is the Queen of England? How long in power? With power comes corruption. What happened to Diana?” the author wrote, going on to call her evil, corrupt, and part of a “secret society.”

The queen next surfaced within the QAnon world in 2019. Then, members of the conspiracy movement claimed that the queen was executed following a military tribunal because she had Princess Diana murdered after Diana learned of a blackmail scheme involving convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

QAnon also pushed aspects of an older conspiracy theory about the “Annunaki," or reptiles who believers say have controlled humankind since ancient times. These supposed reptiles include George W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Bob Hope, and Queen Elizabeth—a claim many within the QAnon community referenced in comments on Thursday.

“Not much longer for Queen Lizard,” Jordan Sather, a grifter who leverages his QAnon followers to peddle multivitamins, wrote on his Telegram channel when it was announced that doctors were worried about the queen’s health. 


Like all major global events, QAnon followers also believe that the death of the queen is a trigger for the coming “storm” that will bring about Donald Trump’s return to power and see global elites being brought to justice. 

“Let’s go. It’s all in the plan. B ready,” one member of a QAnon Telegram channel wrote while another added: “The queen announcement is the beginning! Let’s go!” Another added that this will trigger the “10 days of darkness” that Q predicted would happen when Trump’s return was imminent.

Of course, QAnon also has its own monarch, Romana Didulo, who is the self-proclaimed “Queen of Canada.” Last November, she told her followers that Queen Elizabeth II was already dead.

“Elizabeth II, was shown the photo of the true and real Queen before she was executed,” Didulo wrote to her 60,0900 Telegram followers.

For most members of the QAnon community online, however, the queen’s death was a moment to celebrate, with many pointing out that she died 1,776 days since Q first posted, suggesting some significance in the date of her death. 

Others were simply overjoyed at the thought that the supposed reptilian imposter had left the planet: “​​A lizard gone, planet earth is having a celebration,” one poster wrote.