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Daily Horoscope: November 12, 2020

The moon is in Libra.
November 11, 2020, 10:00pm
Robin Eisenberg

The moon in Libra opposes Mars retrograde at 11:50 AM, creating a confrontational atmosphere, so make an effort to compromise. Jupiter meets Pluto at 4:17 PM for the third and final time this year, marking a moment of critical change. This has been an unprecedented year and we’re trying new things, and today we’re releasing old patterns that no longer serve us. The moon meets Venus at 6:31 PM, inspiring a peaceful energy, but the moon clashes with Pluto at 11:59 PM, and intense emotions come to the surface. 

All times ET.


A tremendous new cycle is beginning in your career as Jupiter meets Pluto in the sky. You’re stepping into your power! You can be impulsive at times, Aries, but you have to slow down and behave responsibly at this moment.


A transformation is taking place when it comes to how you understand the world. Your thinking patterns are undergoing a massive shift, dear Taurus, thanks to Jupiter and Pluto meeting in the sky today.


This is a powerful day to release old patterns, pay off debts, gain closure, and say goodbye to the past as Jupiter meets Pluto in the sky. The moon is in fellow air sign Libra, bringing joy your way.


Exceptional changes are taking place in your relationships as Jupiter meets Pluto in the sky. Your partners are undergoing profound transformations, so be there to support them, but understand that they must make their own choices.


You can be quite stubborn, dear Leo, but today you’re breaking old habits as Jupiter meets Pluto in the sky. Your daily routines and rituals are undergoing a shift and your day-to-day life is evolving.


A tremendous well of creativity within you is accessed today as Jupiter meets Pluto. This is a powerful time for intimacy; your sex life is undergoing a massive shift. You have a breakthrough when it comes to pleasure.


A tremendous shift is taking place in your home and family life as Jupiter meets Pluto in the sky. New traditions are born. You may be relocating or expanding your family in some way.


It’s an important moment for communication as philosopher Jupiter meets your ruling planet Pluto in the sky today. A breakthrough in understanding takes place and your thinking patterns are transforming. Important news arrives.


A powerful moment for your finances and sense of security takes place today as Jupiter meets Pluto. You’re stepping into an important role, and it requires you to be measured in your choices as you pull in all sorts of abundance.


A profound transformation is taking place within you as Jupiter meets Pluto. You’ve changed, Capricorn, and can no longer pretend to be the old you.


It’s a critical time to reconnect with your intuition and your inner voice as Jupiter meets Pluto, Aquarius. Spend time journaling or invest in therapy: Profound changes are taking place within you.


Your ruling planet Jupiter meets power planet Pluto, making this a hugely transformative time in your social life. You’re networking with important people and have grown out of some of your old friendships.

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