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The Vice You Need to Give Up in 2022, According to Your Zodiac

From drunk dialling your ex to drowning your sorrows in drugs and alcohol, here’s what your astrological sign says you should stay away from. 
Shamani Joshi
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If the end of December is defined by decadence, debauchery and an endless drunken haze, then nothing defines the beginning of the New Year like the word “detox.” January 1 comes, and all of a sudden those three day-long alcohol and drug-fuelled benders are replaced by a dedicated plan to embrace the “new year, new me” catchphrase, as if the sobering start of the year can undo all those bad hookups and hangovers. 


Still, many of us see the beginning of January as a time for a reset and a recalibration of our energies, a sort of clean slate we can use to start off on the right track. Some start to follow trends like “veganuary.” Some mutter the infamous phrase “I’m never drinking again” and desperately try to abide by it despite the temptations. Some simply load up on a premium gym membership they’ll probably use just once or twice a year. The common thread that ties all these New Year promises we make to ourselves is the belief that we must abandon our bad behaviours in order to move forward and make progress. 

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In keeping with this conviction, we asked tarot reader and astrology expert Aartii Khuraana, who runs a page called The Mystic Mile, to break down what little vices you should leave behind in 2022 (yes, we get the irony). 

Capricorn: Gossiping about everyone around you

You don’t just like being around people, Capricon, but you also like to be liked by those people even if loyalty isn’t necessarily your strong suit. Highly sociable creatures with a streak for working hard, may the new year bring you the strength and self-control to stop gossiping about other people. Do learn to take some time off work too, since you probably worked your way through the holiday season

Aquarius: Relying on shopping binges to feel good

Easygoing individuals with a heart of gold and no room for judgement, this new year, try to be less commitment phobic in every relationship, except the one you share with money. Your holiday season splurges probably mean you could do with shopping less.  

Pisces: Substance abuse

We hate to burst your bubble, dear dreamer Pisces, but it looks like a tendency to self-sabotage lies in the cards. So, as you slip into 2022, make sure you stay away from alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and any other crutches that could potentially lead you to make extreme decisions. 

Aries: Being late all the time

You may have the uncanny ability to make shit happen despite the individuality, space and freedom you crave. But as the calendar turns to January 1, it’s time to stop being so tardy. And while you’re working on your time management, spend less of that time going down the rabbit hole that is social media.

Taurus: Wanting to have it all but ending up overdoing it all 

You may be straightforward and stubborn, Taurus, but in order to adapt to a more accommodating version of yourself, you must learn to binge less on everything – from chocolates to partying to hookups this New Year. Taurus pleases all senses but, because they might be less aware of their actions, they tend to overdo it. 

Gemini: Being a grouch every now and then

You are dependable and reliable, even if your temperament can make you super moody sometimes. Ring in the new year by leaving behind the moodiness along with the self-criticism and body shaming. Oh, and the cards say you shouldn’t be gambling either.

Cancer: Talking about people behind their back

You may be extremely emotional and passionate, but if you’re looking to avoid getting in trouble in 2022, maybe it’s best to leave behind talking about friends behind their back. You might get the urge to blabber your friend’s secrets to random strangers, but the first step in being a more empathetic buddy is to simply keep your lips sealed when the situation demands it. 

Leo: Hooking up to feel in control of a situation

We know your ego won’t allow you to lose control of a situation, but in the new year, maybe you should lose some of those toxic hookups instead. Turning to them every time your relationship gets emotionally unstable is not a way to solve the issues. And neither is going through life as a narcissist. Love yourself, just not only yourself.

Virgo: Drunk dialling the ex

You are competitive yet soft-hearted, even if you’re always looking to win. Perhaps the toxic trait you need to leave behind in 2022 is drunk dialling your exes, because trust me when I say there’s no winning that game. 

Libra: Being indecisive AF

You like the luxuries of life and aren’t afraid to work hard to get your hands on them. We know you’re passionate about a lot of things, but if there’s one thing you need to leave behind, it’s your indecisiveness and tendency to procrastinate on the smallest of tasks. 

Scorpio: Assuming the worst of a situation

As pessimistic as you are passionate, perhaps your goal for 2022 should be to be more forgiving of people and leave behind some of that cynicism. Stop assuming the worst of a situation and inculcate some optimism into your outlook. 

Sagittarius: Getting involved with old flames

Yes, you have a large, generous heart. But this new year, we think you should save it for yourself and stop getting back with old lovers. There’s a reason it didn’t work out. And while you’re at it, dump any victim mentality you may have and don’t give in to the belief that the world is against you.