Guy Threatens To Sue KFC When His Burger Didn’t Look Like the One on the Menu

He said the chicken burger he got “didn’t look like the picture at all.”
kfc chicken burger
A chicken burger. For illustrative purposes only. Photo: Hello I'm NikUnsplash

Most people are familiar with the disappointment of receiving a sad looking burger. You know, the ones you waited an entire day for, just to be surprised with a dry patty or sloppy cheese. Most, however, just eat the sandwich in peace. But not this guy. No, he threatened to sue. 

Erwin Sandi was so disappointed with his “underwhelming” chicken burger from KFC that he planned to take the fast food restaurant to court. In a now viral Facebook post from Nov. 15, Erwin complained about the Krunchy Burger he received from a local KFC outlet in Palopo, a city in Indonesia’s South Sulawesi province, which he ordered through a food delivery app. He called the sandwich “disappointing” and said that it “didn’t look like the picture at all.” 


He also posted photos comparing the burger he got with the one on KFC’s menu. The one on the menu had fluffy buns filled with crispy chicken, lettuce, a slice of cheese, and sauce, but the burger he said he received had dry-looking buns, a shy-looking patty, and no other fillings or sauce. 

“KFC is good at deceiving their customers,” he wrote in his post.

He said he tried to call the KFC branch that took his order but couldn’t get through, so he told his story on Facebook instead. 

“I tried to call [KFC], but no one answered the phone. This is the second time I received food that didn’t look like the picture,” he told local media

Erwin claimed that he bought six burgers the previous week and that those didn’t look like what was on the menu either.

“It looked underwhelming. I can’t believe a large franchise like KFC sells such unfinished burgers,” he added.

Erwin told local media that he planned to file a lawsuit against the local branch. Some internet users supported his decision, while others think that he’s just wasting his time. Social media reactions to his rant were also mixed. Some joked about the burger, while others thought he was overreacting. 

In interviews with local media, Ardiansyah, the outlet manager of the KFC branch that processed Erwin’s order, admitted that the state of the chicken burger was their fault, saying that they had run out of vegetables when Erwin ordered the meal. 

“Our customer didn’t receive a burger with vegetables because we didn’t have any more,” Ardiansyah said, according to local newspaper Pikiran Rakyat. He said that he had asked the delivery rider to inform the customer about the missing ingredients, but claimed that the rider must have delivered the food without notifying Erwin. He said he also told the rider that they can take the burger back from the customer. 

Local news site Fajar reported that Erwin met with the KFC outlet’s management on Friday, and that they agreed to settle the dispute through mediation, in which they’re obliged to improve their service and not fire the employees involved in the case. Erwin said he will take legal action if they fail to comply.

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