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'Mom Grass' Is Here to Give You a Chill, Legal CBG Body High

We're all BFFs with CBD by now, but here comes the hot shot new kid in town: smokeable CBG. (And yeah, we've got a discount code.)
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Photo: Dad Grass / Composite by VICE Staff

Has there ever been a better time to revel in the powers of hemp and cannabis? For some of us who like a little spiral-eyed terror with our high, that means going straight for the hydroponic crystal-covered stuff, but for others who have been burned one too many times by a crazy cookie, we just want to feel like a swirl of Cool Whip on an ice cream sundae: chill as can be, happy and sweet, and ultimately, in control of our destiny rather than in an edible-induced existential spiral.


We’re big fans of Dad Grass’s smokeable CBD joints, which give us the mellow, maxin’, relaxin’ feeling that we so desperately need in this big scary world, sans any THC-induced paranoia we might get from hitting the dispensary or dealer. We love to puff away and sink into an armchair, maybe listen to that transcendent new Pharoah Sanders/Floating Points record. And look—we’re by no means sick of CBD. But at this point, we get it, and it’s another simple, smart, smoky weapon in our arsenal of go-to, feel-good stuff to have around.

But today, there’s a plot twist: Mom Grass. It’s Dad Grass’s latest drop, and like its daddy joints, it’s smokeable hemp. But the twist here is that instead of putting you in a cloud of CBD, it’s instead all about that wonderful and mysterious alt cannabinoid known as CBG, or cannabigerol.

$14 at Dad Grass

$14 at Dad Grass

You’re probably wondering, as we once did, WTF is the difference between CBD and CBG? And pals, we’ll break it down for you super-quick.

Earlier this year, our staff checked out this CBG-forward weed sports drink stuff called OFFFIELD, and that was our first big crash course on cannabigerol. Essentially, it’s the mother of all cannabinoids (Mom Grass—get it?), the “the parent molecule” that you can use to synthesize all our other faves like, of course, CBD. And like CBD, it’s non-psychoactive (a.k.a., freakout-proof) and totally legal if derived from hemp. So, how does it feel? Of course, these experiences will be a little different for everyone, but anecdotally, many people report it having generally relaxing effects, as well as offering a mild body high, and for some, even an increase in appetite. (Yup, the munchies.) Some studies even suggest it can help protect against THC-induced anxiety, counteracting its effects. It may even have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, for potential medical applications in the future, although that research is still very much pending. For now, just know it’s another friendly new cannabinoid that could offer you a good-time smoking experience.


Dad Grass has also provided this handy chart for getting the gist of the differences:


Dad Grass can legally ship its joints anywhere in the US, so the best way to see what it can do for you is probably to just give it a try—or give it to your mom on Mother’s Day and see what she says.

Wanna try Mom Grass, or grab some for your mama? Get 20% off Dad Grass’s many ultra-chill wares with the discount code VICE20.

Cheers to moms. And to that magic plant. Love ‘em both, love ‘em all.

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