Grisly GOAT Goat Gores Girl Grizzly Gruesomely

All hail the greatest goat of all time, the goat that killed a grizzly bear.
All hail the greatest goat of all time, the goat that killed a grizzly bear.
Photos via Wikimedia commons and Getty Images.

Few animals ever reach the status of being the greatest of all time for their particular species.

Those cats who get onto sports fields, Bruce the great white shark (the real one, not the Jaws one!), Seabiscuit, or the Littlest Hobo are some of those exceedingly rare breeds. But now we have another critter to elevate to this pedestal: a mountain goat who gored a grizzly good. 


The goat got the griz by piercing the female bear’s neck and armpits this summer—Parks Canada said they found puncture wounds consistent with a goat’s horns in their autopsy of the bear. The grisly gored grizzly was found on Sept. 4 near the mountain town of Golden, British Columbia. 

On CBC Radio, Parks Canada wildlife ecologist David Laskin said the goat got the grizzly’s goat when the bear attempted to mow it down in Yoho National Park earlier this month.

“When grizzlies attack, they tend to focus on the head in the back of the neck and the shoulders of their prey,” he said. “And this is usually from above. So in turn, the defensive response of the mountain goat would be to protect itself using its sharp points.”

“I guess the mountain goat was successful in the circumstance. And it ultimately turned the tables on this bear.”

Parks Canada ruled out other causes of death during the necropsy. 

The butchered bear was small, only weighing 70 kg—an adult female grizzly can be as much as 350 kilos—and a fully grown mountain goat can weigh up to 140 kg. Weight matters not to the GOAT goat, however; the only thing that matters is the grizzly the GOAT goat is going to gore.

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