Watch This Car Get Swallowed by a Sinkhole in India

This gives underground parking a new meaning.
Mumbai, IN
June 15, 2021, 6:47am
Watch This Car Get Swallowed by a Sinkhole in India
A video of the car getting swallowed in Mumbai was shot by the car's owner and widely shared on social media. Photo: Shamani Joshi

When he heard his car was sinking into the ground, Kiran Doshi did what all people do when they come across a sinkhole: he picked up his phone and started filming.

The result was a video of his car being swallowed whole by a parking lot in the western Indian city of Mumbai, footage that has since gone viral and raised an all-important question: why his car in particular?

Doshi, a doctor, told the South Asian news outlets that he began recording when a car washer told him that his car appeared to be sinking during heavy rain on Sunday.


“I rushed to the spot. Then I shot the video,” Doshi told Indian Express. 

No one was in the car when it sank. Other vehicles at the parking lot, at a residential compound, were not affected.

Authorities said the car was parked over a century-old well that was covered with concrete about 40 years ago, when the space was turned into a parking lot.

A traffic official told Times of India the concrete probably gave under the car’s weight after days of heavy rain, eventually exposing the well. Local authorities pulled the car out later that night after pumping out the water.

An insurance agent told finance blog Money9 that the damage inflicted to the car should be covered under insurance.

Since early last week, heavy rainfall has pelted Mumbai and waterlogged several areas, causing a lake to overflow and leading to a building collapse on Wednesday that killed 11 people.

Mumbai is susceptible to flash floods during the monsoon. The city’s municipal authority has identified 132 new flooding spots in the last two years.

In 2017, a renowned Indian doctor died after he was sucked into a manhole that was left open to contain the floods. 

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