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9 Rib Recipes That'll Have You Googling 'Adult Bibs'

Whether it's molasses-glazed or galbi-inspired, here's how to season BBQ ribs so well that you could eat the whole rack yourself.

People across the country have such strong feelings on ribs, brisket, and the best barbecue possible that Texas Monthly even has its own dedicated barbecue editor, whose duty it is to know all the smoky, shreddy ins and outs of Texas barbecue culture alone. No matter how we glaze them or cook them, what we can probably all agree on is that there are few outdoor eating experiences more enjoyable than going hard on a tray of tender barbecue ribs, while knocking back a cold beer and not giving a single damn about the mess it's making on your face, hands, or any clothing.


Over the years, we've tapped our network of pit masters and BBQ experts to share their wisdom for ribs you can make on the grill or even in the oven. From ribs with a choose-your-own-adventure homemade dry rub to Jamaican jerk ribs to easy spare ribs from renowned BBQ chef Myron Mixon, these rib recipes are worth ruining a shirt (or two) over.

Dry-Rub Oven Baby Back Pork Ribs Recipe

This is the rib recipe for the home cook who likes to tinker. Instead of giving you hard measurements for each dry rub ingredient, we've given you a loose rundown of spices, so you can create your very own blend that's exactly what you like and season your BBQ ribs just right. Then, a low and slow bake ensures the most tender ribs possible, without needing to bust out the grill.

Easy Backyard Spare Ribs Recipe

To say that Myron Mixon, a four-time world barbecue champion and member of the Barbecue Hall of Fame, is a good resource for dialing in your home barbecue set-up seems like an understatement. We were lucky enough to have him walk us through the best easy backyard spare ribs using a standard charcoal grill. Watch the process here.

Back-Alley BBQ Pork Spare Ribs Recipe

Back-Alley Ribs Recipe

No need for a long oven bake here—Matty Matheson's molasses-glazed pork ribs are briefly boiled to make them tender, then finished on a ripping hot grill for the perfect sticky char. Finish them with lime wedges and pomegranate seeds, and you've got a rib so good you won't even be mad if it ruins your white shirt.


Ginger-Garlic Pork Ribs Recipe

This recipe for soy-ginger-garlic-marinated ribs comes with a recipe for the only side you need to round out your night: an easy cabbage slaw made with Japanese Kewpie mayo. Your summer dinner is all set—just don't forget the breezy tropical punch to go with it.

Pinoy-Style Ribs Recipe

Pinoy-Style Ribs Recipe

What makes these barbecued ribs "Filipino-style"? Mainly, that's the use of banana ketchup (made with bananas, though still colored red) instead of the tomato stuff. A pantry staple in the Philippines, it was developed in order to reduce the reliance on imported tomatoes, and it adds a craveable sweetness to these can't-mess-up ribs.

Szechuan and Honey-Glazed Ribs Recipe

These honey-glazed ribs from Action Bronson are so simple they have only six ingredients, and the one you'll be the most thankful for is the full cup of Sichuan peppercorns, which add a pleasant little mouth tingle to the sticky sweetness of these ribs.

Jamaican Jerk Spare Ribs Recipe

Jamaican Jerk Ribs Recipe

Hometown Bar-B-Que's Billy Durney has been described as a "brisket whisperer" and Brooklyn's "barbecue maven," so he knows what he's talking about. For this rib recipe, the barbecue expert uses meaty St. Louis-style spare ribs and a spicy Jamaican jerk glaze that's made even better by the addition of dark rum.

Korean Barbecue Short Ribs Recipe

Yes, a huge part of the appeal of Korean BBQ is getting to cook the meat yourself over super hot grates while surrounded by friends, banchan, and hopefully a lot of soju, without having to do a single dish yourself. Still, if it's smoky, caramelized galbi that you're after, these soy, mirin, and fruit-marinated short ribs will hit the spot.

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