What Is Pancake Cereal and Why Is It All Over Social Media?

More importantly, how do you make it?
May 14, 2020, 11:09am
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(L) Image from @thesimplebite on Instagram. (R) Image from @hungryhungryheejin on Instagram.

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There’s just something about mini foods that appeals to our brutish instincts. Maybe it’s the sense of power we get from pretending to be hungry giants. How else do you explain the joy of gobbling down mini Oreos and watching tiny food videos?

After Dalgona coffee and sourdough bread, the latest quarantine food trend is a fun-sized cereal treat that is almost too decadent for breakfast.

Behold, ‘cereal’ made from mini pancakes, a carby snack that is crispy on the outside, spongy on the inside, and doused in milk to activate its buttery flavour. It doesn’t actually have any cereal in it, but who cares?


While it is unclear who started this food trend, it has blown up on TikTok this month, with the hashtag #pancakecereal racking up over 764 million views.

These fluffy golden-brown babies are even smaller than silver dollar pancakes.

Tell me this doesn’t look sinfully delicious.

People also started putting their own spin on the breakfast treat, like this mini birthday pancake cereal.

And this pink funfetti pancake cereal.

Here’s a Fruity Pebble-infused waffle cereal.

And a s'mores waffle cereal that will satisfy those with a chronic sweet tooth.

This ube mochi pancake cereal topped with butter and ice cream is a bowl of purple delight.

This home cook made his own version of Cookie Crisp.

And this mini snickerdoodle cookie cereal looks just as amazing.

Combining a breakfast food with another breakfast food in the form of French toast cereal? Ingenious.

If you’re ready to hop on this bandwagon of fluffy goodness, this tutorial on TikTok teaches you how to make your own pancake cereal with an important tip: leave them on the pan longer for an extra crunch.

I don’t know about you, but I know what I’m having for breakfast this weekend.

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