Parents Are Outraged by a Kids' Show About a Very Long Penis

The public Danish broadcaster producing the show claims that it’s meant to explore the body in a fun and embarrassing way.
Image: DR Ramasjang

A Danish children’s television series about a man with the world’s longest penis is causing controversy online in the small Scandinavian nation of six million. 

The animated series “John Dillermand” premiered this Saturday on DR Ramasjang, the publicly funded children’s channel comparable to PBS Kids in the United States. The show follows Dillermand as his excessively long dick gets him into—and in some cases out of—various precarious situations. In one episode, Dillermand uses his handy “instrument” as a dog leash, while in another, according to the synopsis, his almost snake-like (and for some reason candy-stripped?) penis apparently causes some trouble at the zoo—one can only imagine what. 


Danes have reacted to the show with a mix of praise and horror. 

“Someone has to draw the line with the new John D series,” one person wrote on the DR Ramasjang Facebook page. “I have non idea what you all were thinking in a time of metoo. And with all the frightening cases of pedophila that exist! Should kids learn that it’s fun playing with a dick? That it’s just a funny thing that can fly around attached to balloons and other weird things? [...] I think it’s grotesque.” 

In a response to the post, the DR Ramasjang account replied that the show was fictitious, and that it’s important to tell stories that acknowledge curiosity about the body and genitals—a curiosity which can be both embarrassing and fun. They also pointed out that the non-profit reproductive health organization “Sex and Samfund” (Sex and Society) was involved in the creation of the show. 

It’s important to note that DR Ramasjang has a long history of producing series and programs addressing the human body and sexuality. In the fall, DR premiered a show titled “Ultra Strips Down”, which taped a live audience of children as they watched a variety of normal people take off their clothes. The show was meant to educate young people about what normal bodies actually look like. 

Despite the fact that Dillermand’s genitals are anything but normal, some have questioned why we only get to see a penis get used as a makeshift fishing rod. One columnist humorously pointed out that the show should also include “Vulva Vibeke” who could, for example, start a huge fire in the local bakery and then put out the fire with her long labia. “Let us also have fun with the woman's genitals and de-dramatize them,” she writes. 

Despite criticism online, DR Ramasjang has stated they will continue airing the show. 

It looks like children all across Denmark will have the opportunity to continue watching the adventures of John Dillermannd and his massive dick.